Hentec/RPS Unveils New 3 Stage Selective Solder System at APEX

Simultaneous Fluxing, Pre-Heating and Soldering

Be sure to stop by booth #1127 to see the latest in selective soldering and lead tinning systems.

Hentec Industries / RPS Automation has been a leading manufacturer of selective solder, lead tinning, and solderability test systems for over 25 years.

Hentec/RPS Tackles Difficult, High Precision & Thermally Demanding Applications— our goal is to enable our customers to solder the widest range of through-hole applications that we can envision. We design our systems with control, flexibility and programming power to handle ever changing combinations of solder types, flux types, board and component designs.

Contact Tom Baro, North American Sales Manager, tbaro@rpsautomation.com, 509-385-1228