Why Should You Buy From Hentec / RPS Automation

Why should you buy from Hentec / RPS Automation? Why shouldn’t you buy from one of the leading manufacturers of selective soldering systems, with more than 700 satisfied customers worldwide in more than 25 years of operation? 

The  Hentec / RPS difference is that our equipment is superior, with greater capacity for detail and consistent quality of product…and so much more. Let’s go over the differences. You’ll see  why you should think of using our products for your selective soldering needs. 

Proprietary Nozzle Design Offers Superior Soldering Capabilities

Hentec / RPS Automation’s proprietary Gaussian wave nozzles produce a controllable, precise wave height. The solder wave from Hentec / RPS nozzles can be set to be tighter, taller, precise and also stable. This allows you to adjust the solder wave to fit in tight clearances and create solder joints that lesser systems would either botch or have to leave for a hand soldering technician to finish. 

This feature is unique to Hentec / RPS Automation selective soldering machines, as these features are our proprietary product design. Selective soldering is our business, and our customers demand selective soldering machines capable of precise work. Our proprietary nozzle design gives you that. 

Repeatable and Accurate Soldering Results

Our nozzles allow for outstanding accuracy in soldering, as do the other mechanical components such as the pumps, impellers and robotics. So do the servo motors, which give you precise control over all movements of components. With our intelligent programming, Hentec / RPS Automation soldering systems give you vastly more precise movement and solder joints than systems employing stepper motors. 

Not only that, but our systems actually represent an incredible value. Our Odyssey system, which features closed-loop servo motors, can be had for less than $100,000, which you will not find is possible from any other manufacturer. 

As our nitrogen is heated independently of the solder pot, cooling of the solder at the pot by nitrogen is not a problem. 

Low Maintenance, Low Consumption

We design our systems to require as little downtime and maintenance as possible. In particular, our unique solder pump design operates at low RPMs, resulting in far lower strain in operation. Dross production is reduced as is the need for maintenance. 

External strip heaters keep solder pot life longer and make for easier cleaning. Thermal isolators and high-temperature belts extend motor life by reducing heat transfer. 

Dross production is only about a tablespoon per shift; naturally this means very little solder loss compared to other systems. Nitrogen usage is typically 30 CFH, a 15 percent to 65 percent reduction in nitrogen consumption compared to competing systems. 

The reduced nitrogen consumption alone can save upward of $15,000 per year in operating expenses. 

Easy Programming 

Want easy programming? You got it. Hentec / RPS Automation includes a laptop with our CamConductor Off-Line Programming Software, a bespoke software package with a simple, elegant user interface that allows for easy, rapid programming. Gerber data and scanned images can be used, and the programming suite allows for easy customization of every conceivable attribute of solder joints. 

Exceptional Training and Service of Our Machines

Part of what you’ll get from Hentec / RPS Automation is installation by factory technicians, along with training from factory technicians. We train your operators in the use of Hentec / RPS Automation selective soldering and solderability testing equipment, giving them the knowledge they need to successfully use your Hentec / RPS Automation selective soldering equipment to its utmost capacity. 

The Hentec / RPS difference has made us a perpetual thought-leader and industry front runner for years, and one of the go-to providers of selective soldering machines and solderability testing equipment worldwide. 

Contact us today to see just what Hentec / RPS Automation can do for you.