Be Selective

The Hentec/RPS Difference

We stand apart for high quality soldering, precision robotics, low-maintenance machinery, extensive warranty coverage, long lasting quality and durability. These strengths are the result of an aggressive commitment to research and development. Hentec/RPS systems set the standard for thermal performance, keep-away, wave height, solder stability, and software ease-of-use.

  • Superior Soldering Capabilities
  • Leading Thermal Performance
  • Accuracy and Repeatability
  • Low Consumables
  • High Precision
  • Low Dross / Low Maintenance
  • Easy Programming

25+ Years in Soldering Automation

Since the 1990's Hentec/RPS has been designing and manufacturing a complete line of high precision selective soldering machines, lead tinning equipment, and solderability test machines. This includes component testing along with steam aging equipment for electronics and circuit board manufacturing and assembly.

  • Made in the USA
  • Steel Welded Frames
  • Factory Direct Calibration
  • UL and CE Certified
  • Mill Spec Compliant
  • Lead Free Capable

Our Commitment

It starts with the Hentec/RPS Engineering Team designing reliable, innovative, and high quality parts and machinery. Our Production Team's extensive expertise meets the strict regulations and performance demands of our multi-faceted customers. All while the Customer Service and Support Team dedicate themselves to implementing and maintaining a customer experience based on honesty, integrity, and a devotion to customers satisfaction.

  • Exceptional Training and Service
  • Reduced Manufacturing Costs
  • Extensive Warranty Coverage
  • Improved Speed
  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Quality

Worldwide Installations

Hentec/RPS believes that success is built one customer at a time. Our customers range from aerospace, military, communications, auto manufacturers, industrial OEM, medical device manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and more.

  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North/South America
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom

Our Story

In the nineties, the primary passion and expertise for Robotic Process Systems Automation was solely selective soldering. With success at delivering automated soldering equipment to a global client base, Robotic Process Systems was able to be the first company to introduce selective soldering to North America. From 2001 to 2006, the company sold their selective soldering systems under an exclusive private label partnership with Tyco. In 2007, the CEO and the CFO at the time, led an investment group that purchased Robotics Process Systems Automation, and re-branded the company as RPS Automation, LLC. In 2015, RPS Automation, LLC was bought by one of its own engineers, and the name was changed to the current name Hentec Industries / RPS Automation. Hentec/RPS continues to  develop, manufacture, and market its selective soldering, lead tinning, and solderability testing products and services to a global customer base while being independently owned and operated. As always, Hentec/RPS is managed for long-term growth and profitability through a dedication to excellent customer service, prudent future investments, and the continued advancement of cutting-edge selective soldering, lead tinning, and solderability technologies.