Did I Buy The Right Selective Soldering Machine?

How do you know you bought the right selective soldering machine? 

It’s natural to wonder after your purchase or lease. After all, equipment can be a major expenditure. It makes sense to muse whether or not you’ve equipped yourself with the right one. 

Marketing research has shown that people continue to research products after they’ve already bought them. The reason is that they want to confirm, in their minds, that they’ve made a good decision after the fact. 

So, how do you know you’ve purchased the right selective soldering system

Selective Soldering Machines In Context

The first step to choosing the right selective soldering machines is to understand your organization’s needs right now and in the foreseeable future.

Consider Soldering Unit Counts

For instance, do you anticipate shipping more or less the same amount of units? Do you anticipate your growth to be slow but steady? Or are you only a few years away from rapid growth and need for additional output? 

In the case of the former, you need a selective soldering system that’s capable of producing the kind of volume that you already make, plus a little bit more for some breathing room. Once you understand that, you can begin examining the available selective soldering machines that are available to you. Find a system matching your business’s needs and there you have it. 

If you anticipate much higher growth, and have a reasonable expectation that you will need much higher production capacity in the near future, then it will be wise to purchase a selective soldering system that is under tasked by your current workload, but will be able to meet the projected output in the future.

Soldering Automation Needs

Additionally, consider the amount of automation needed. Do you need minimal automation or maximum? 

In other words, can you afford to have a technician physically place each board in your selective soldering machine? Or do you need a conveyor system that takes transportation out of the equation? 

In the former instance, the ideal selective soldering system is a small one, able to meet the needs of a small to medium size concern, producing a modest number of boards. In the latter instance, volume is clearly important; a technician can be spared to operate the machine and little more as they have many more demands on their time. 

Consider The Connections A Selective Soldering Machine Has To Make

An additional factor is to consider the complexity of the connections your selective soldering system has to make. The more complex the solder joints are, the greater the capabilities of the soldering machine must therefore be. Additional nozzles and solder pots are typically necessary for more complex boards, as is rotation across all three axes. 

Are your products limited to a few through-hole components, requiring only a moment or two in the machine? Or do your boards feature multiple through-hole and SMT components? 

Furthermore, do you anticipate adding more complex products? Do you anticipate needing more complex soldering in the coming years. Or, on the other hand, do you anticipate the complexity demanded to remain about the same? 

If you don’t anticipate adding more complex products to the boards offered by your company, then you should select a soldering system that can produce your current board or boards without difficulty. However, if you know that you will be adding more complex product in the next few years, now is the time to invest in a more capable system. 

Get The Right Selective Soldering System By Consulting With Experts

One of the best ways to ensure you’ve found the right selective soldering system, and to ensure that you get the right selective soldering system, start with a consultation. 

.Contact a Hentec / RPS selective soldering sales rep directly, and get a consultation scheduled with one of their representatives. After all, the people who make the equipment will be the ones the most versed in their products’ capabilities. 

A good selective soldering machine maker will get you outfitted with the equipment you need to be successful, and will see to it that you have the system that is right for you and your business. The best selective soldering equipment manufacturers are judged by the results that their customers achieve, and thus will be as invested in your success as you are.