Hentec/RPS Setting Component Lead Tinning Standards and Compliance

Odyssey component lead tinning machines provide high reliability BGA alloy exchange and component re-finishing capabilities.

Newman Lake, WA (March 30, 2021) – Hentec Industries/RPS Automation, a leading manufacturer of selective soldering, lead tinning and solderability test equipment, announces that its entire series of Odyssey component lead tinning machines provide full compliance with all applicable industry standards.  The Odyssey 925, 1325 and 1750 component lead tinning machines perform component re-conditioning in accordance with all relevant GEIA-STD-006, MIL-PRF-38535, MIL-PRF-38524E and ANSI-J-STD-002 standards.  The full line of Odyssey 925, 1325 and 1750 component lead tinning machines are specifically designed to perform component re-conditioning including re-tinning, gold removal and BGA de-balling for high reliability and military applications.

The Pulsar solderability test equipment performs the industry accepted dip-and-look test method for rapid solderability results that can easily performed on the shop floor.  In addition, the Photon steam aging system is designed to provide artificial aging and accelerated life testing to simulate elongated component storage conditions.

About Hentec Industries

Hentec Industries/RPS Automation is a manufacturer of automated selective soldering, component lead tinning, and solderability test equipment for electronics and electronic component manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.  Hentec/RPS has been advancing automated soldering and lead finishing technology for defense, aerospace, automotive, contract manufacturers and micro-electronics component manufacturers since the early 90’s. All Hentec/RPS products are designed and manufactured in Newman Lake, Washington.  For more information, please visit us at www.rpsautomation.com.


If you would like more information on system sales, please contact Tom Baro at 509-385-1228 or tbaro@rpsautomation.com.