Hentec/RPS Receives Order from Satic USA for Vector 600 Selective Soldering System

Vector 600 offers great flexibility with a 24” x 24” PCB processing range, unmatched thermal capability, rapid programming, and simplistic elegance in operation.

Newman Lake, WA (September 20, 2022) – Hentec Industries/RPS Automation, a leading manufacturer of selective soldering, lead tinning and solderability test equipment, is pleased to announce that Satic USA has selected Hentec/RPS as their selective soldering partner of choice.  Their first system purchased is a Vector 600, a lead-free compatible system that features an integrated computer with unlimited program storage, integrated system software, witness camera and auto fiducial correction.  Available in either standalone or SMEMA in-line configurations, the Vector 600 is offered with topside preheat, spray or drop-jet fluxer, dual flux nozzles, and custom or wave solder nozzles.  The Vector 600 is UL and CE compliant and carries both a two-year system warranty and a four-year solder pot warranty.

About Satic USA

Headquartered in Missoula, Montana, Satic USA is a privately-owned electronics manufacturer and professional engineering firm.  The word SATIC is an acronym for sinusoidal-wave-form-technology-incorporated, which means; engineered clean power.  Their range of products includes plug-in and wire-in power devices and FMI shields and testers.  For more information, please visit: www.saticusa.com

About Hentec Industries

Hentec Industries/RPS Automation is a manufacturer of automated selective soldering, component lead tinning, and solderability test equipment for electronics and electronic component manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.  Hentec/RPS has been advancing automated soldering and lead finishing technology for defense, aerospace, automotive, contract manufacturers and micro-electronics component manufacturers since the early 90’s. All Hentec/RPS products are designed and manufactured in Newman Lake, Washington.  For more information, please visit us at www.rpsautomation.com.


If you would like more information on system sales, please contact Tom Baro at 509-385-1228 or tbaro@rpsautomation.com.

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